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Adults Tajweed and Arabic Programs

Adults Tajweed & Arabic Programs

Quba’s Adult Quranic Programs are structured specifically for adults with a goal of better reading, comprehension and understanding of the word of Allah (swt) and the Arabic language.

Tajweed Program

Tajweed Program: Cover ‘Illustrated Tajweed’ by Dr. Ayman Swaid Part 1 in 7 Months. Start with assessment of students; based on level start with brief review of Noorani Qaida.

Twice a Week ($150/month)

Wed 5pm to 630pm

Sun 9am to 1030am

One time registration fee $50

Arabic Program

Learn to understand Quranic Arabic (Basic / Advanced based on level)

Twice a Week ($150/month)

Tue 5pm to 630pm

Sat 9am to 1030am

One time registration fee $50

Registration Process

Please fill out the Registration Package below.  It Includes the Following Sections:

A.   Registration Form

B.  COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

C.  Enrollment Agreement Terms and Conditions

Step 1: Fill out Registration Package

Step 2: Once registration confirmation received in your email, submit Registration Fee via selected payment choice. (Required to reserve seat)

Step 3: Once email of Seat Reserved received from Quba Admissions, drop following docs at Quba office or send scanned copy to email below:
1. Form of State Issued Identification (Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, etc.)
2. Post dated Checks based on duration of program or Signed credit card form for for tuition submitted during registration hours

Since this is an adult only class, only ages 18+ may register.

Please schedule an Appointment by emailing
22149 Davis Dr, Suite 180, Sterling, VA 20164
(703) 552-1243

Office Hours: 10am to 4pm (please call or email to make an appointment)


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